Pro Showcases

We run pro showcases for players who have completed their college basketball careers, as well as current and former pro players who are interested in getting in front of teams to see what other opportunities are available.  If you are looking to play pro basketball in the U.S. or Internationally, you need to be here.

Exposure To Pro Teams

With our strong contacts with professional teams and their personnel (front office, scouts, coaches, etc,), we feel that our camps are a great way to get the exposure you need to get a pro contract. Most teams want to see you in person, and this is one of the best ways.

Who Can Come?

The Pro Expo Basketball Showcases are only open to current/former pro players, free agents and players who have finished their collegiate playing careers. No current college athletes who have remaining eligibility are allowed to attend the events. These showcases are valuable to players whether they are looking for their first professional basketball opportunity or experienced pros who are looking for another high level pro job.

Organized, Structured Events

We have proven over the years that we go the extra mile to provide the most organized and structured camps in the country. We  help players who attend our events meet their basketball needs both during and after the showcase. These events are used to help players find a pro opportunity and to help teams locate quality talent.